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Why you shouldn’t expose your git repository through your web server

Why you shouldn’t expose your git repository through your web server

Git is a widely used version control system and is an essential part of a lot of (semi)automatic deployment strategies. While it offers a lot of benefits, not setting up your deployments and server correctly can lead to your source code being publicly available through your web server. This can give an attacker useful information […]

Setting up a replicated filesystem using GlusterFS

When scaling out an application, chances are that you will need to have some sort of distributed and/or replicated filesystem. If a dedicated storage solution is not within the options, you can easely set-up a posix compliant filesystem cluster with GlusterFS. Compare GlusterFS with a RAID setup that spans across hosts. You can do things comparable […]

Let’s Encrypt!

Encryption is getting more and more important to the end-users. This is most definitely the case for websites that process information of those users. SSL certificates have been around for many years, but are costly and require quite some effort to install and maintain. They require a unique IP address, need to follow some sort of […]

Using RewriteMaps for better performance

Most PHP developers know Apache‘s mod_rewrite, and have likely written at least a few custom RewriteRule in .htaccess. In this post, I want to introduce you to RewriteMap, a directive that allows you to use key:value lookups in your rewriting rules.  They are easy to use, fast and very maintainable. Do keep in mind that you will need to […]